Please add S-BUS Conversion for PPM Encoder to firmware

I’m sure some people here fly with the Phantom 2 and unfortunately the DJI Assistant Software for the Phantom 2 ONLY allows for S-BUS control input. As a result, you cannot use your long range PPM or PWM receiver with this craft.

If there are any developers out there willing to take on modifying the PPM Encoder firmware to convert PWM to S-BUS or allow PPM to S-BUS conversion, I think you would find a lot of happy R/C flyers out there.

If someone is up for writing this firmware, I’ll offer my services to test the conversion as best as possible with my Oscilloscope, Futaba, and Phantom2 Setup.


Feature requests belong to the bug tracker at Github.
But I’m not sure, this will be accepted, because the Pixhawk does understand SBUS natively and the PPM encoder’s main purpose is to convert discrete PWM channels to a PPM stream - also for the Pixhawk.