Playing back a real dataflash .bin in SITL, visualised with RealFlight


Is it possible to play back a ‘real’ dataflash .bin file of a flight (say using SITL) to RealFlight sim to visualise a flight? I guess the plane on RealFlight just follows SITL simulated control inputs, so what I am asking for is not straight forward. Basically, rather than MP flying the plane on RealFlight, can MP send plane (and its attitude) positions to RealFlight?

Is something like this possible?

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There have been a few research papers that have replayed inputs in SITL models. The ones that come to mind are from Dorobantu from the University of Minnesota. There are a few articles about it. I didn’t dig deep enough to see if he has released the code.

If you just want a 3D visual of the flight, there is the UAV LogViewer. The documentation page is here.

Thank you - I had seen UAV LogViewer - any idea if you can set your view point as origin?

I see a much larger chance of doing this in XPlane than in RealFlight as XPlane let’s you override a lot more of its internals than RealFlight does. I am validating my code to control VTOL / TILT ROTOR aircraft through XPLANE SITL. As soon as I am done I will look into this.

Sounds great! I look forward to hearing more…