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Plane not auto taking off


We have several planes with Arduplane 3.8.2 version, and one of this planes we cant’t takeoff - In true flight once and on all other tries the behavior are the same.
The plane are launched using a bungee, we can see achieving the takeoff min speed and takeoff min acceleration, starting count the throttle delay but meantime that the plane are going down and hit the floor - with same bungee, same distance, same way of launch but flight once and no more.

I compare the messages between the successful attempt and the others and I coudn’t see diference at the logs, just on the plane.
How I already told I have planes equals this one and all working, just this one is not working as expected.
Have someone got some clue of what can be happening, or what I can look to see what happened ?
For instance, why there is no triggered auto:
good flight:

bad flight:

best regards.

if someone is interested, this are the logs:

good take off:

bad takeoff

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