Plane leaves Loiter circle due oversteering and slow reaction behaviour

find the logfile No 91 here:

I build a vintage Glider called Star 13 you can see here:

(Lots of Details here: Oz : Star 13 plan - free download)

The issue is that the Plane is slow in any reaction so you have to plan the path early when flying manual, often I hold the rudder just at a few degrees to slightly begin and end a curve, the Glider needs time to react. I build in a Matek 743 WLITE due the plane has no thermal breaks or anything and for not loosing in brutal thermic I can swith RTL. At present I try to tune the FC to do so, but he input from the FC to the Rudder is so hectic, the plane will even not react. I tried a Loiter at our local hill in the thermal and within of 30 circles he left the circle a few times, see above picture.

Your Opinions are welcome an I’d like to try out anything that might help and solve.
Thanks in advance Matthias

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I’ve never set up a rudder only plane in ArduPlane, so this is just based on recommendations from the WIKI. Complete Parameter List — Plane documentation

Once you’ve got that worked out, then try auto-tune again.