Plane in stabilize mode - too small response on elevator

I’m flying for some time my Mini Talon (so V-tail model).
This model has generally weak response on tail (short fuselage), but with ardupilot is extra lazy, because in any mode (manual, acro, stabilize) I can’t get more deflection on the tail, than ±200uS (i.e. if neutral is 1500uS, with full pitch stick movements I can reach only between 1300-1700uS.
Maybe it’s a feature of the V-tail mix? What parameters can I use to increase stick authority for pitch?
Which other parameters can I play with to increase pitch rate?
I won’t mind if at high elevator throws may rudder not react enough but I need more control over pitch.
Thank you for any advices!
Pixracer running Arduplane 4.0.9 at the moment, but I think this is same for all versions.

you need to increase the MIXING_GAIN:
just increase 0.1 at time till you get the output you need

  • LEFT_VTAIL = (yaw+pitch)*0.5 to 1
  • RIGHT_VTAIL = (-yaw+pitch)*0.5 to 1

have read here as well

Thanks, it looks exactly what I was looking for!

Edit: Tested, works and it’s exactly what I needed.