Plane doesn't climb linear between waypoints - which parameter(s) influence this?


assuming i.e. waypoint #10 at 50m and waypoint #11 at 100m my plane climbs ‘immediately’ after waypoint #10 to 100m and continuous to fly in 100m until waypoint #11.
What I would like to have is a linear climbing flight path - 50m at waypoint #10 - 75m half way between waypoint #10 / #11 and 100m at waypoint #11. Which parameters do I have to change ?

Vertical navigation is handled by the TECS controller, and it’s not designed to do a linear transition like you describe. About the only way to approximate a linear transition is to add enough intermediate waypoints to approximate a linear climb. You can then adjust the TECS controller parameters (like TECS_CLIMB_MAX and TECS_SINK_MAX) to smooth out the throttle and altitude jumps.