Plane disarm in Air

Hi guys… in the last flight, when the plane was fly, I saw No RC Receiver warning and after then Disarmed in the air.
Any idea please

question have you set rudder arm and disarm ?
i have seen this before where the receiver was set up as fail safe for another plane then used in a another and it disarm the plane

logs and pram files will be a help and what receiver are you using

Hi yak-54
My Arming_Rudder was 2
But the plane was away from the TX Controlled… I saw Disarm and after then I lost GCS Data…
I use Futaba R7008SB receiver


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Arming_Rudder 2 = arming and disarming not good
can you check receiver in mission planer in the RC inputs page if you turn off the TX see if the receiver does

Ok I’ll check and back to you