Plane crashed after switched to FBWA

i flew during the day very well but at last flight plane went to crush after i switched to FBWA. i noticed in the air something happened with the elevator. Can someone look at the my log please?

In my opinion, a defect of the acceleration sensors, which already occurred when you were still flying in manual mode.

You flew in manual mode for almost a minute without noticing anything. Therefore, I assume an error of the IMU, because you should have noticed an average of minus 100 g on the Z-axis in the flight behavior.


@Rolf in manual flight i didnt notice anything. everything happened suddenly when i switched to FBWA. manual flight was ok but it is possible that imu can be broken in the air. This Skystars board is suspicious in my head. Because one of this board with dual imu was broken when i make settings at first setup. CPU was too hot.
thanks for help.