Plane Crashed after 3 flight succesed

Please help me to analyze my log

my drone is fixed wing homemade and using plane 4.3
after 3 succesed flight in each one hour flight…

it now crashed

please help to analyze what cause the crash

Sorry to hear about your crash. Please post the bin log on a file sharing site and link it from here. A picture or description of the plane would also help.

thankyou before @Earthchill

here i just uploaded to dropbox the fille log

so actually it crashed two times with the same case

pitch and desc pitch is diverged
but the battery seem not used because voltage is back to high again

thankyou for your help sir

So actually

My drone like skywalker 2014
But it is homemade with wingspan 2 meter

Fc is radiolink flight control pixhawk installed 4.3.3
Esc t motor 75A
Motor is sunnysky 3520 kv720

First second and third trial with flight time one hour is succesed with no problem

But it was crashed in 4 and 5 test

Fourth test is crashed

And log i upload is fifth test

From log i look, it is desc pitch and actual pitch become diverge suddenly

And batt voltage is likely there is no motor consumption because voltage is back to high again

But throtle command by auto pilot is high

What caused this problem can you help me

Pada tanggal Sab, 8 Apr 2023 01.16, Erik via ArduPilot Discourse <> menulis:

The log shows that the motor current suddenly drops to about 5 amps. The aircraft slows down and starts to descend and ardupilot increases throttle output to maximum, but the motor/esc does not respond to its input signal. I would suggest testing the esc or motor as there is a fault.


Since it happens after quite some time flying, I would guess either overheating ESC/motor or that the prop got loose very slowly.

I don’t know enough to tell, but if you tell the prop size and pitch someone with more experience should be able to tell if the ESC/motor would be likely to overheat.

thankyou @jreise-d for your help

it is suprised that esc and motor failure that caused this crashed
because we use best motor and esc we can get from our country

ESC T motor 75A should be handle this drone but maybe with that current consumed by motor it can produced some heat

so maybe heat cut off has triggered to this system i build

but it is just my guess

thankyou for your help to analyze my log

for the first time of the crashed incident

my guess to this drone is because servo elevator failure
but further analysis shown that two crashed flight (it is 4th and 5th) is the SAME CASE

with curent go down,
voltage back to high level,
altitude go down,
servo elevator try to keep altitude with give command to up the elevator

may be overheating ESC / motor that is the real problem to my drone

the specification of my drone is

FC Radiolink installed with 4.3.4 arduplane
servo emax digital
gps radiolink m8n
battery tattu 16000mAh
esc T Motor AT75A
motor Sunnysky 3520 KV720
propeller APC 13 inch with pitch 6.5 inch

where to find temperature of ESC can produced with this composition of my system built??

i just realized that table test in sunnysky home page with 3520KV720 motor
can reach 69 degree celcius with only 48 Ampere

and in my system of drone, for take off it is produced about 55 - 58 Ampere
i just wondering how heat the temperature on the esc if the motor heat is 69 degree up produced

but where to find evidence that ESC heat cut off is the real problem ??
until now i dont connect to the battery yet because reparation of the body of drone

Arduplane can not log the temperature of your esc, because there is no telemetry data going from esc to the fc.

This esc has a temperature protection feature, which reduces power at 110° Celsius. I asume your esc is located in the fuselage and has not enough airflow for cooling. Place the esc outside the fuselage, that will help alot.