Plane crash, orange cube

Dear all,

I’ve a new autopilot pixhawk4 with orange cube,here3 gps, rfd telemetry, brushless motor. I completed installation & parameters configuration for fixed wing. Auto tuning done successfully, and i got different PID values. Second mission started by manual take off and flight in manual mode for 4 minutes in Alt 180m. 4 wp had been written in 250 Alt, then i switched mode to auto mode through the RC. After mode changed suddenly the plane had unstable behavior, i tried to change mode but no response and i lost signal in ground station. The plane dive down vertical in full throttle and crashed.

Note that:
_ I used separate batteries, one for cube and one for motor and servo’s.
_ log file analyzed and there is no data after switch to auto mode.
_ Vibration, battery voltage, throttle command, and other parameters reviewed it’s all normal.
_ error compass variance massage appear before and during fly.

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Geez, this a is a long process to troubleshoot…

Perhaps a faulty elevator servo? Check the out to the elevator channel and see if it was commanded to do so.

You can check for current drain. If it was a foulty servo perhaps it drained a lot of current.

Following this post to learn

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you need to post the log files of both the successful tuning flight and the flight with the crash. The bin log off the microSD is needed, assuming it wasn’t destroyed in the crash
If it was destroyed then the tlog from the GCS may help. Please include the tlog in either case.

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Nothing saved in log file after changing mode to auto, other wise all data in manual mode before changed to auto is ok.
What makes the Data unsaved when changed to auto and plane became unstable and crashed

Kindly post the logs, as they are, in whatever position they are, in order to solicit any help.

without logs we can’t help