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Plane 4.0 release

Everything works as usual. Nice flight (4.0.3beta1 , F405-Wing, ASW28).

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I see. Would you need an FSK modem at each end? Which ones work? Did you put up something on RCGroups?

there’s an ardupilot wiki page up on LTM now that’s quite comprehensive:

plus some more information on the TCM3105-type FSK modems on RCG:

you’d need one of those on each end if LTM over AV audio is what your going for.


Thx. The ICs are easy to get. Pity the PCBs are $4 each. I think it is a good idea for long range telemetry. Mavlink is great but such a bandwidth hog.

yes, it serves pretty well as a long range data downlink. back around 2012 when it came up, using the AV links’s audio channel was common procedure. today there’s a couple of good alternatives around and sourcing the modem components can be a pita. the low bandwidth it uses is still a big pro imho. works well right down to 1200 baud.

Actually the cost of making 6 modems is just $20. Just ordered all the parts. This is a nice addition to my long range smaller planes. Especially since I have made some QCZEK LRS receivers that do not have radio modem but are very long range capable. Thanks for this.

I’ve just released plane 4.0.3beta2. This is a minor update over beta1 with the following changes:

  • fixed 3 missing semaphore waits
  • fixed checking for bouncebuffer allocation on microSD card IO
  • fixed incorrect param count in initial parameter download

I expect to release the final of 4.0.3 in the next few days. Testers would be much appreciated!

I’d flying session today on current master build. It flies as expected.
Also tomorrow I’m going to fly too. Can share logs if you want

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yes please! please fly with 4.0.3beta2.

What is 4.0.3beta2?
Is it latest master?

No, in MissionPlanner it is the beta release, or download from here:

I’d just flashed with beta release. And now I have version 4.0.3rc2 installed.
Is it beta2?

yes, “release candidate 2” is beta2. My apologies for the confusing name

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Unfortunately after flashing to 4.0.3rc2 fport stop working for me. When I was on latest master it was working good. So I, should return back without logs :frowning:

I think the yaapu patch regarding timer initialization should be included in 4.0.3

yes, I have not included fport in 4.0.3. It is very new code and I am only including changes that we are very sure of in the stable releases

Hi tridge

2x flights from today with 4.0.3b2 -

No big issues, both flights were LOS with a Matek F405-Wing on a Wing Wing Z-84.

only issue I’m having is with SERVO_AUTO_TRIM; servo trim from AIL left and right seems to no longer update, now fixed at 1600. any ideas?



There’s my log. It is latest master because I’d no chance to switch from fport back.

There’s FBWA, MANUAL, ATUN, AUTO, GUID flight modes and autonomous landing at the end.

Any recommendations would be appreciated :slight_smile:

It hit the limits of SERVO_AUTO_TRIM. The auto trim won’t go beyond 20% of the throw, which means 1600 max for your servo range. You will need to physically adjust the servos to re-center the elevons.

Looks like it is doing well! Nothing obvious wrong from a quick look at the log

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Please let me know when it would be possible to test fport rc firmware.
There’s two issues I’d faced

  1. Rssi reading looks incorrect on osd
  2. I’d not all fields at yaapu scrip at my Taranis. I have gps, batt voltage, current, mah. But total distance looks blank. I’ll do photo at next flying session :slight_smile:
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