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Plane 3.9.6 release

(tridge) #1

I’ve just released 3.9.6beta1.

This is a minor release with some important fixes for VTOL landings and EKF handling of compass switching.

  • fixed throttle slew on dual-motor planes
  • handle VTOL landings with incorrect height (or failed rangefinder)
  • fixed EKF alt datum reset on barometer reset
  • probe all I2C buses for rangefinders (fixes I2C lidar on boards with more than 2 I2C buses)
  • fixed lightware serial detection for newer lidars such as LW20
  • fixed motor relax code on VTOL landing to prevent motors powering up after touchdown
  • fixed forward motor in quadplane landing transition to allow motors when landing at a height lower than takeoff height
  • fixed throttle mix handling for VTOL planes on descent
  • use WP altitude for height of ground in VTOL landing, allowing for good landings at heights well above or below takeoff height
  • fixed EKF compass switching with 3 compasses
  • fixed mini-pix UART order to match case markings
  • added generated git hash to apj file
  • fixed apj generation to not change based on time of build

Happy flying!

(Jess) #2

probably meant to put this in 3.9

(tridge) #3

6 and 9 look so similar when in Australia :slight_smile:

(Colin) #4

only if you live in Canberra with all the polys :upside_down_face:

(Colin) #5

fixed throttle slew on dual-motor planes i like this fix now in auto takeoff it may go down the runway :+1:

(tridge) #6

I’ve now released the final version of 3.9.6. Only one additional change went in, to allow device threads to be allocated on any heap. This is needed to fix an issue on MatekF405-Wing with a compass.

Happy flying!

(Steve Borenstein) #7

@tridge - does this release have the DSHOT reverse thrust fix?

(tridge) #8

sorry, no, that is slated for 3.10. If you want to try it now you need to use the master builds (‘latest’ on

(Colin) #9

Hi all in auto land does ardupilot use the airspeed sensor and the gps speed
i had a plane stall drop in 10KT winds ?