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Plane 3.9.5 release

(tridge) #1

The ArduPilot development team is pleased to announce the first beta of the 3.9.5 release, 3.9.5beta1.

The changes in this release are:

  • fixed orientation of 2nd IMU for OmnibusF7V2

  • fixed LEDs on Pixhawk4 and Pixhawk4-mini

  • fixed safety switch on Pixhawk4-mini

  • improved robustness of microSD support under ChibiOS

  • support insert of a microSD after boot but before logging starts
    under ChibiOS

  • added BRD_SD_SLOWDOWN parameter to allow microSD cards to be run at
    a lower clock to improve reliability

  • fixed VTOL takeoff in quadplanes to ignore latitude/longitude in
    the mission item and always takeoff vertically

  • added CubePurple (also known as PH2Slim) builds

  • added DrotekP3Pro builds

  • RC protocol decoding for SRXL, SUMD and ST24 extended to all boards including pixracer and ChibiOS-only boards

Happy flying!

(Colin) #2

Does this beta fix

ChibiOS: detect stuck I2C bus and clear on timeouts

(tridge) #3

yes, that change is in this beta. My apologies for not mentioning it in the release notes

(mohammad) #4

in parametrs " Batt_FS_LOW_ACT" have this options: 0.None 1.RTL 2.lLnd 3.Terminate but in additionaly there is 4.Qland option.

(Peter Hall) #5

could be one of two things,

  1. Your not on the latest mission planner so your param descriptions are not up to date.
  2. The wiki descriptions are built off master so maybe that option is not in the stable release yet.

(mohammad) #6

my mission planner is up to date.

(tridge) #7

Use control-F then the “param gen” button. Then wait four minutes, then restart MissionPlanner. That should get you the new parameter docs.
Cheers, Tridge

(tridge) #8

I have released 3.9.5beta2, with the following changes over beta1:

  • fixed EKF yaw reset in quadplanes

  • fixed bug handling corruption of DSM RC protocols

  • fixed internal amber LED on CubeBlack

Happy flying!