Plane 3.9.1beta release

This is a the first beta for the 3.9.1 release, which is a minor update over 3.9.0. This release includes the following changes:

  • improved DShot and BLHeli-passthrough support, fixing errors reported by BLHeli32 ESCs and making using BLHeliSuite32 much more reliable
  • new tonealarm system, bringing the tones produced under ChibiOS and Linux HALs in line with tones produced under the HAL_PX4 HAL.
  • added a new LED driver for the NCP5623 LED
  • fixed delay caused by parameter writes in AP_Stats
  • fixed default RSSI input pin on some boards
  • fixed the incorrect display of “no io thread heartbeat” message
  • fixed microSD support on some boards due to running out of DMA capable memory

Given the changes are quite small, I hope to make this a fairly short beta cycle. Please test it and report both success and failure.

Happy flying!

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Nice Tridge, thank’s. Bheli32 changes are for everyone or only Chibios? I have a new vtol build with bheli32 waiting to take off soon.

Hi Tridge
Awesome work with the new version, blheli pass-through updates are especially welcome.
I am having some trouble with getting the DO_VTOL_TRANSITION way-points to work properly though, when I program a transition from fixed wing to mc, the aircraft does a very aggressive stop before hovering back towards the previous way point.
Tlog here so you can see exactly what I mean

more tailsitter stuff for you

Awesome job as usuall Tridge

In 3.9.1 beta, disarm made full throttle !
On Chibios on Omnibus F4 pro v3 + Dshot 600 blheli S (Racerstar v2 40A) and bidirectionnal motor enable.

Log available here with full thr when disarm (550.1 KB)

Ok found ! Arming require to 2 solve the problem. Forgot to adjust rc3 min and trim properly but reverse thrust was rewrite ? Ch3 percent output looks different !
Reverse -100 to 0 = 0 to 50%
Normal 0 to 100 = 50 to 100%

Edit : solved wrong params

I’ve now released 3.9.1beta2. This is a the second beta for the 3.9.1 release, which is a minor update over 3.9.0. This release includes the following changes:

  • increased default buffer sizes in dataflash for some boards

  • fixed a bug with small dataflash buffers

  • updated OSD with new items: hdop, temperature, waypoint, xtrack, flight distance, flighttime, efficiency (thanks to Hwurzburg, vierfuffzig and sh83).

  • reduced memory usage in serial buffers

  • adjusted some default parameters to give a better first flight experience for more users.

The default parameter changes are:

  • RLL2SRV_P from 0.6 to 1.0
  • RLL2SRV_I from 0.1 to 0.3
  • RLL2SRV_D from 0.02 to 0.08
  • PTCH2SRV_P from 0.6 to 1.0
  • PTCH2SRV_I from 0.1 to 0.3
  • PTCH2SRV_D from 0.02 to 0.08
  • TECS_PITCH_MAX from 0 to 15
  • NAVL1_PERIOD from 20 to 17

The PID parameter changes won’t affect anyone who has done some tuning, but will make the first flight experience for a new user be alot better for nearly all aircraft. Paul and I decided on the values based on experience with users flight logs, plus the experience users have had with AUTOTUNE mode.

Please report testing results!

Happy flying


Cannot arm in 3.9b2 because the Bad Logging error.
Omnibus F4 PRO V3
Terrain Disabled.
Reformat SD with 2 passes

Can ignore logging in arming check and fly it?

QStabilze/Hover/Tranistions and FBWA works well on the tricopter vectored VTOL

Regards Rolf

Rolf, do you have better control in LOITER?

I think you mean QLOITER ?
QSTABILIZE and QHOVER works well. I can test QLOITER this afternoon (UTC-TIME).

Sorry , I wanted to say QLOITER

“It is the new loiter controller from Leonard, inherited from the copter code. It does a better job of smoothing out transitions, as well as providing better pilot control in QLOITER mode.”

Was this a problem in the first beta?

QLOITER with 3.8.5 does it perfectly. But this week I will install 3.9.1 and try again to see differences and I will also comment.


Stable “Q_Loiter” with this beta…


What is this new bar on HUD? FC temp?


FW 3.9.1 beta2 CHIBIOS >>> transitions & Qloiter OK

Hey @tridge I dropped 3.9.1 beta2 on a pixhawk1 last night and noticed it overwrote my PIDs to the new defaults from what they were before. I thought this was only supposed to happen when it was a fresh install? Did I misunderstand?

edit: Disregard, it looks like my PIDs got reset to default sometime ago. I wonder if this happened during 3.9.0 beta testing. I have no way to verify because logs prior to that got wiped, so, let’s just not worry about it.