Pizracer, pitch reversed

I have now built 2 hex frames with pixracer and they both have the same issue with pitch. When I push the stick forward it goes backwards and visa versa. I used the same radio and receiver set for Pixhawk and Pixhawk Cube with no issues, so I am pretty sure it’s an issue with pixracer. I have verified the front of the unit is facing front at 0 degrees. I have also tried changing the orientation in the software by 180 degrees and that just causes instant flip over. Is there a setting that will reverse the pitch?

set the RCx_RERVERSE to 1 will work

Thats common.
@XinChengGe is right. I have had to do it on all my builds. Very scary the first time it takes off and comes at you. lol

Right. Every multirotor I have has pitch inverted. Pixhawks, Pixracers, F4 and F7 FC’s. I do it on the transmitter so when I copy a model for a new build it’s there but in firmware works too.

haha, This is why I have a fancy scar on my arm

I learned the hard way about reverse pitch.

The faster it came at me the faster I pushed the stick forward to stop it…oh wait thats not right. To late

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