Pixwahk- six months and no progession

First of all, here a Spanish from Spain, so sorry for my english.

I’ve been trying to make working my pixhawk for more than six months. At the very beginning, a lack of power happend to one of the engines after being working in 70% of throttle. Never achieved a solution for this.

Furtheremore, after getting one of the engines burned, somethin is wrong in my copter. Motor are not spinning properly.

I leave you a video to illustrate the problem.


Please, if somebody have any clue of what could be happening, I would be really gratefull

Increase the value of MOT_SPIN_ARM: Motor Spin armed

Note: This parameter is for advanced users

Point at which the motors start to spin expressed as a number from 0 to 1 in the entire output range. Should be lower than MOT_SPIN_MIN.

Turn on logging while disarmed and post a .bin file from the flight controller.

I suggest do the RC Calibration (even if you’ve done it before, just to be sure) and then perform the automatic “All-at-Once ESC” calibration

Your testing method is totally useless.

Bench testing with the props off is done using Mission Planner > Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test.

Using the radio to arm the motors also enables the PID controllers and the results are chaos because the PID controllers are trying to stabilize an aircraft that is not flying.

Hola, puede ser que un tornillo esté tocando alguna bobina en el motor que se intenta mover

I looked at the video and you have a short on motor that is twitching. Please check the 3 wires for a short.

++1 for @OldGazer 's method - use the MissionPlanner motor test - you can control the motor RPM and test the motor order and everything right there.

Also you can use the radio arm and power up to test the motors " no props please" as long as the craft is sitting firmly on the bench and the arms do not dip your fine. But yes Motor test is the best in most cases.

You obviously do not have a firm grasp on electrical and 3 phase motor theory.

If the motor was shorted between two phases (windings) it would not be moving at all and the ESC driving that motor would go up in smoke.

Having said that, I say again, the OP’s test method IS NOT VALID AND AS A CONSEQUENCE, NEITHER ARE THE TEST RESULTS.

The only safe an valid way to bench test the motors is to use Motor Test in Mission Planner with the props off. Period. End of the lesson.

I think your over thinking this, using the radio to test things like arming without props or ramping up the motors is not a issue, Fact i located the issue for the OP. i rather test arming and my radio TX on the bench then in the field.
Question: if the motor windings was broken lets say from a long screw the motor will burn regardless right? however if one lead was broken you see it twitch like we see in the video.

I am not over thinking anything. You recommendations have basis in fact, and bench testing by arming with the radio and have props off causing strange behaviors is a known issue. In short, you are spreading false information.

And you said SHORTED, NOT BROKEN. You just keep digging that hole deeper.


Read Post #10

" It’s ok to blip the motors without props but do not try to leave the throttle on using the radio. The PID loops are going bonkers when you do that."

funny my motors don’t go BONKERS they ramp up smooth because like i said we are not dipping the arms see video. The video proves this Chief. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hvc7fwedxht2sa/IMG_6895.MOV?dl=0.

That’s ok I made a few holes in my lifetime dug a few foundation’s for homes, pored concrete and tied rebar as well. I stand by my assessment that he has one “Broken” motor lead.

BTW I was talking to a guy that does all his motor tests with the radio. I guess he is wrong as well. lol but for me i use motor test then check arming with the radio as seen in my video no Bonkers bro.

On another note most of the beta flight FC do not have internal damping so naturally some vibration would Trigger a PID command. Possibly testing this on a frame spooling up the motors when armed could help people fix there vibration issues like it helped me in Bataflight last week.

Note once everything is working well using motor test testing the motors without props on moving the sticks for roll and pitch using the controller allows you to check the Pids for any odd reversal under power I even submit that this would make a safer first flight saving potential body harm.

Yeah, for us final test before first flight is either hand-held (overhead) or weighted down (for large craft) and arm in Stabi,ize and check pitch and roll is all working as expected.

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