Pixracer vs pixhawk?

Anybody have any thoughts on which if either is better / more reliable? pitfalls etc of each? I have a nitro plane with a pixhawk in it. Unfortunately the lipo needs replaced which means removing everything to get at it. I already have a pixracer never used it yet. Just wondering if I should put that in instead of the pixhawk or is there really not much difference?

Hello Richard, I really apreciate Pixracer performance with vibrations alt hold etc. but remember that you have only 6 outputs if you need more.

Thanks for the reply. I might have to look and see if they sell a gps with the molex connectors already installed. I do like how small the pixracer is and the little wifi module is a plus. I can connect with my iPhone I guess … cool.

If not, you can use the common gps too. I have a chinesse one.

They are JST-GH not Molex but there are M8N GPS units for sale with those connectors.I have a couple of them. .And if you have an airspeed sensor you need to consider that with the Pixracer. Digital (I2C) only.

An analog sensor also works with the pixracer . Connect it to the RSSI input and set ARSPD_PIN to 11.

I don’t use an airspeed sensor at least not so far. I just set the throttle at %45. It’s a nitro plane. I fired up the p racer on the bench and all seems fine except the altitude isn’t working. Isn’t that from the baro right on the board? Not sure why that isn’t giving a reading. Do all the calibrations need done first for some reason or something or do I have defective p racer?

Which flight controller is best for quadcopter .Pixhawk or Pixracer, plzz tell? Is pixracer compactible with ardupilot 3.5