Pixracer Standard features missing in Arduplane

I know there has been a lot of work and discussion to support ardupilot, mostly arducopter in pixracer. I am working on my first attempt with arduplane and I thought that the pixracer would be a perfect fit for the project. So far the initial testing on the bench is looking good but there are some basic features that are missing in arduplane that also seem to be missing in arducopter. I was wondering if these fixes could be considered for the next release of plane. Having these standard pixhawk features would be a huge benefit for the same reasons we have then in pixhawk.
Below is a short list that was presented in the arducopter forum in diydrones that I have seen in arduplane in my testing.

  1. RGB LED no output. It’s harder to identify the status of what is happening.
  2. WiFi port not available. Would be great if we could implement this for obvious reasons.
  3. Safety switch no input.
  4. Safety switch light stays solid red.
  5. RSSI in port no reading. I have been able to implement pwm for this but analog does not appear to work on pin 103
  6. All at once ESC calibration in arducopter fails and I also ran into a problem trying to calibrate the ESC in plane going through the pixracer. I think this is because of the delay introduced at startup and the fact that the stree safety switch is not implemented.
    Thank you for all your work and time. It is greatly appreciated.

I think this is fixed as of today 4-13-16 with the exception of RSSI I think?? Look here [ see link ] It’s early since the fixes so load and be careful I guess and see how it goes for ya… See here for details http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixracer-with-ardupilot?xg_source=msg_com_forum&id=705844%3ATopic%3A2188630&page=31#comments