Pixracer & futaba TX6

Hello friends. 30 years ago I used to fly helis with a Futaba T6x and R116fb receiver. I Will try to setup my old Eco8 for autonomous flying, and Wonder if there is any hope that those old tx/rx can work WITH the PIXRACER controller, or if Is needed to get some Newer radios. Thanks

Sbus or PPM RC input on PixRacer.

It’ll probably work via a PPM Encoder.

Good Luck.

According to the manual, the transmiter is switchable between FM/PPM and PCM, and the receiver is FM system. So is it needed the PMM encoder anyway?

Yes. Definitely.
You need all of your control signals on a “single cable”.

These ppm encoders take all of your rc servo signals (multiple cables) and mix it back to a ppm sum.
Those pixhawks use a single input fir a control signals.

I recommend switching to new equipment!
But it should work if you use your old style equipment and ppm encoders.

But the steps afterwards are much more complicated and you will be happy to do adjustments on your a fully programmable transmitter.

I’ll give a try to the ancient relic and the ppm encoder, and expect to upgrade to New equipment as the things star working and I acquire more knowledge and skills. Thank you guys for your support.