Pixracer - Firmware, Orientation & Sat Rx voltage

Hi Folks,

Due to very limited space constraints, I’m leaning towards buying a Pixracer R15 for my traditional 450 heli. Questions:

  1. I plan to use QGC software. On the firmware issue - Does it matter if I load the Pixracer FC with PX4 or Arducopter firmware if both are offered during first set up?

  2. I plan to mount the FC 180 degrees (roll axis) from standard mounting (upside down, gel or foam mounted (with safety zip tie loosely placed) to the bottom part of the heli frame. IF I do all my initial orientation calibrations with the FC in the aircraft…do I still need to set the QCG parameters to tell QGC that the controller is mounted 180 degrees (roll axis) from standard…or will the software pick this up during my orientation set up phase of QGC set up? Any other things to be concerned with?

  3. Does anyone know if Pixracer 15 has the voltage step down circuitry built into the board to run the 3.3v Spektrum Satellite receiver? The board DOES have the physical satellite port…just not sure if its stepped down to the correct 3.3v. Is it OK to use the satellite receiver as the ONE and ONLY receiver for this small-ish heli or am I courting disaster?

Thank you.

I am worried that you will not get all your answers!
If you load Arducopter - Helicopter FW you must write the Flight controller orientation in the Full parameter settings.
Using Mission Planer I do not know how QGC offers you the different FW options.
Pixracer 15 ? I know the early pixracer ( in my drone) but I am not sure it has been used in a Helicopter. You have to find somebody who has and who did read your questions and willing to talk to you.
It is several years ago that I have used Spektrum DX8 and RX with satellites. I am surprised that Spektrum is still doing it that way. Most people here are using FySky TX and RX now.
But surely any TX with Spektrum satellite ports must have the correct voltage.
That is all I can say to you.

  1. Probably not, however you will need Ardupilot with the TradHeli branch. QGC works happily with Ardupilot.
  2. Yes, you have to set that manually, as far as I am aware of… Just check with the digital horizon in QGC.
  3. Never had a Spektrum setup. If they provide the port as “plug and play” it should be 3.3 volt, otherwise you will find a lot of unhappy users in the forums…

Vibration isolation is very critical for heli. I tried a Matek f405 wing, which has basic anti vibration measures, but it was really really bad on first flight (above 120 on all axis), could be bad blade tracking too…
I would buy something which was used in trad heli before instead.