PixRacer Build Throttle Response Too High

Hey guys,

Ive built a small PixRacer build and it takes off like a rocket with the smallest amount of throttle I give it. The only way I have been able to gain control of the craft is to reduce the Mot_Spin_Max to .5 Then it acts mostly normal.

This approach feels kinda hacky, is there a better way to accomplish this reduced throttle response and still have the full range?


Interesting. I’ve not yet messed with Ardupilot at all but plan to put Pixhawk onto an rc boat soon where the throttle is kinda messed up and only needs about 1/2 the channel range. Was hoping I could define the numeric range to use inside Pixhawk and have it scale across that but based on what I see you write here maybe that’s not possible. Hmm…

Just try to adjust the throttle parameters in the basic tuning on mission planner

I have a Pixracer on a 250 size quad and it works just fine. When you start it up it start to learn where the mid throttle is and then takes off. This was a change that was put in a while back. No need to set mid throttle anymore.

Your unit most be way over powered and after coming of the bench it is a little over reactive and may need a while for it to discover where mid throttle is.


Check the dataflash log and make sure the vibration levels aren’t too high and that there is no clipping.

Thanks for the help guys,

I burnt out a motor, so when I get new ones I will update this thread with logs and videos.