Pixhawk1 Windows Device Driver

I just upgraded my bog standard Pixhawk to 4.04 using QGroundControl on Linux. The Pixhawk connects fine to QGroundControl in Linux and I can see all the parameters.

Unfortunately, on Windows when plugging in my upgraded Pixhawk, the previous STMicroelectronics serial to USB device has disappeared from Device Manager and I now see a mysterious “Pixhawk1” device appearing under “Other devices”.

It does not have a driver. I tried installing a Pixhawk4 driver I found on the internet but to no avail. I have a standard Pixhawk 1 without the 1MB flash limit.

Please could someone direct me to Windows drivers for my Pixhawk? Thanks.

Fixed this. It seems I had some sort of Windows serial porter driver conflict.

Solution was to right click on the “Pixhawk1” entry in Device Manager and select “Uninstall driver”. I removed my Pixhawk from the PC.

Then I installed QGroundControl as I was certain that had the correct drivers. Then I rebooted and replugged my Pixhawk in and it all works fine now.