Pixhawk X Octocopter

Hey guys, i just finished a Pixhwak 2 Quadcopter style Octocopter, im having trouble with my Yaw and PID’s, the PID’s are causing the Quac/Octo to shake once im in the air. iv went down to P=3.00 I=3.00 D=3.00, its still shaking but not like it was when it was around 6.00 on PID’s, now since i have most of the gains set enough to hover stable enough to figure out what PID’s i need im almost tempted not to fly again until i get more help with it. The YAW control keeps slowly spinning to the left, i can current with my controller but that defeats the point of an AUDUPILOT. Please help me get this Giant Flying again. its capable of sustaining flight for 8 minuets with 4 minuets to spare just in case moment… and while sustaining flight its carrying 25 pounds of battery and DSLR camera and Gimbal.

Have you taken a look at the vibration graphs?

Yes I have, nothing that would cause it to fly the way it is. It isn’t a bad occilation. Just enough to keep me from flying high. Im only flying about 10 feet off the ground due to the occilation

Did you auto tune it? mine is a bit twitchy in yaw with stock PIDS but it flies ok

setting all PID values to the maximum values does not make it more stable. You either have to understand PID theory and do it manualy. Or … start with the default PID values and use auto tune.

First off my theory of PID’'s, I’m still learning them other than the vibration. It takes off fine but then starts shaking, I have to land with in a few seconds