PIXHAWK with TX/RX in FM 35Mhz

Hi All, I’ve recently bought a DJI F330 platform with Pixhawk + GPS and I’m actually in the configuration phase of the Pixhawk. Waiting in a new 2.4Ghz RC equipment, I want to use an old Graupner (JR) MX-12 + rx R700 in FM 35Mhz to configure the Pixhawk and make the first test flights…As this tx/rx works in PPM or PWM I thought that it would work properly but it’s not really the case. I wonder if it’s not a connexion problem between the Pixhawk and the rx. The 3DR docs explains that I have to connect the RC port of the Pixhawk to the rx but it doesn’t say where on the rx…I’ve 8 ports on the rx (7 for servos and 1 for batt/servo (webx.dk/rc/RX-measurements/G … erR700.htm), I’ve connected the RC port of the Pixhawk to the batt/servo port of the rx and the rx is powered and if I connect a servo to one of the ports of the rx it’s working fine, but when I connect the servo to the Pixhawk (1 to 8) I have no result. I’ve tried with the PPM encoder and working but I would like to avoid the usage of PPM encoder as this equipment works in PPM…Any Ideas??


Obviously to the PPM-out.

Because you have to connect the Pixhawk to the PPM-out. If your RX doesn’t have a PPM-out, you cannot use it without the PPM encoder.

This must be the reason, the PPM out that this rx doesn’t have, it was not obvious to me, now it is…good that I opted for the PPM encoder when I purchased the Pixhawk!
Thanks a lot for the clarification;-)