Pixhawk with a N8m gps

My gps has never been quite right at holding gps lock so i figured i would try something new.
got a m8n gps/compass from http://www.readytoflyquads.com/mini-ublox-m8n-gps-w-35x35mm-mounting-backplane-and-compass

with a tad of tweaking it fit inside the 3dr gps plastic, I had cut the wires to use the DF plug on the pixhawk. It fired right up and seems to be working super super great. up to 20 satellites locked on almost instantly and hdop of 1.1, compass seems to be working perfect as well.

is there a reason i should not be running this? i know its not offical 3dr stuff but it seems to be working better.

There is no reason you shouldn’t be running it. You are free to use any sort of hardware that works. The only difference is you obviously don’t get the support or proven reliability like that from 3DR. My philosophy with electronics from China - if it works for a few days, it will probably be reliable and last a long time.

My main flight controller is a genuine pixhawk, with cheap HobbyKing everything - telemetry radios, Neo7 GPS with compass (Neo8 in a few days - great to hear your results!) and power module. I also use a HobbyKing APM2.5 clone with same accessories as above and have never had any major issues. The only thing I recommend NOT getting is a clone/cheap version of your remote control and receiver. Always use a quality, proven system like FrSky (my preference) or Spektrum etc. When the flight controller fails, you should always be able to maintain manual control.

The project is open source which means China is going to make really cheap versions of everything. You aren’t locked into expensive proprietary stuff like DJI. In fact, I would never have bought my first APM2.5 if there wasn’t a cheap HobbyKing clone. :slight_smile:

I tested a M8N GPS+Compass module from Drotek.fr and it works fine. The only downside I see is indeed the lack of protection case and the necessity to fiddle around cutting and soldering cables to connect it to the DF13 connectors.

I also have the M8N from Drotek on my TBS Discovery and it has been faultless with solid PosHold control and perfect Auto missions of 5mph to 30mph.

Tested it extensively today and it’s 100% good to go