Pixhawk - vib issues- althold issues- and possible solutions

Hey guys, I have ordered the kyosho gel product to better mount my Pixhawk to my quad in an effort to reduce vibrations in that my Alt Hold has issues in fast forward flight. I have noticed that Chris prefers this method, and I was hoping to start a thread surrounding this endeavor in an effort to have specifics about the process.

DJI F450 Frame.
E300 Power train (speed controllers and motors)
E300 9 inch props that come with Kit (these work great for flight times fyi, 15min on a 4amp 4c turnigy nanot tech batt
Pixhawk w/gps
3dr 915mhz radio
600mw Immersion RC tx 5.8ghz vid
RMRC 700tvl camera (their newest one, which I am not entirely impressed with, but this could change)
EZUHF 4channel rx
stock landing gear at this point.
AUW 1313g (hovers at %40 throttle in stabilize)

Issues to be resolved:

1- vibrations, haven’t measured them yet but I can feel them terribly bad while in loiter and althold and I pull down on one of the arms. Will edit this when I get log the vib data from stock install

2- Alt Hold performance while hover - great - while flying- terrible, drops 4 to 6 meters after forward flight (other forums have attributed this effect to both vibrations and the proximity of the pixhawk FC to the low pressure build up while on top of a given quad.

3- Other than these issues, I can say that this is the best FPV vehicle I have ever made, and would encourage others to follow the build out if you want stock great performance from a quad kit

few Questions:

1- Has anyone tested the different methods of securing the board to the frame after using the Kyosho Gel? For example, have rubber bands been tested as well as any other means of security? My idea is to use the kyosho gel alone by using CA glue between the Gel and the kyosho square cut out, and then also between the kyosho and the pixhawk board. What say you on this idea? Any other ideas on mounting the FC?

2- Any other ideas on reducing vibrations or improving althold performance?

3- has anyone considered an enclosure for the top of the pixhawk to reduce the direct effect of a low pressure build up during forward flight?

Any input would be appreciated. I will systematically test all suggested fixes individually and rate them.


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