Pixhawk v.s. commercial AP for conventional fixed wing


Pixhawk is widely used in the RC toys by hobbyist.

The commercial autopilots are somehow much more expensive than open source.

I’m wondering what are commercial autopilots’ typical advantages compared with Pixhawk for conventional fixed wing UAV usage.

Could anyone give any hint on that?

Anna Tian

Pixhawk is an extremely versatile solution that is tailored to meet the needs of many different platform using commercial off the shelf components. The files I believe are available so you could order the individual parts and make your own with the right tools. Being that it is made to drive quads, helicopters fixed wing, and more it has code that is not specific to your vehicle but will work with it and may need some coding changes which there are guides available to do.

Commercial Autopilots are tailored to meet the needs of one specific system and are customized by the provider or integrator with all the settings needed to make that air frame work. When you buy for example a Procerus Kestrel you buy an engineering staff with Electrical engineers and design team that tailors the autopilot to your purpose and only your purpose. Components may be added or subtracted. They work with you to make sure it works 100% of the time.