Pixhawk to Spectrum Satellite Receiver Failsafe?

I have a question regarding the Pixhawk and Spectrum Satellite receiver. I am not using the AR8000, but I’m wondering how to set the throttle failsafe without using the bind plug method. Whenever I turn off the transmitter, the radio 3 pwm stays at the last recorded value and doesnt drop. Will I have to rebind through QGroundControl and then switch back to the mission planner firmware? Thanks

Bind receiver to FC and then take the endpoint down on the throttle channel till your pwm is around say 970 then turn off transmitter and turn back on also reset Pixhawk and then connect TX and adjust the pwm back to the normal low throttle setting that was there before you did the adjustment and in mission planner check that when you turn off your transmitter it goes down to 970 and back to 1050 when back on and set the failsafe about 15-20 above that level say 990.
That the only way I know to date
Hope this helps