Pixhawk Telemetry Ports - Three Outputs?

I want to ouput three telemetry outputs from the Pixhawk.


Telem 1 is utilised with 915 MHz telemetry

Telem 2 is utilised with minim osd for FPV

I want to add a Telemetry kit from Pixhawk to FrSky Taranis (mavlink converter) which uses a telemetry port.

Do I have any options other then to disconnect one of the above or is it possible to make a Y cable to feed both for example the minim and Pixhawk to FrSky mavlink converter- or does data pass bidirectionally making only one connection possible?

The context of this question is that my flying club does not permit 915 MHz frequency to be used and I am planning on disconnecting the telemetry transmitter at the tx end, my Pixhawk is buried well within my model making access to cables really hard. I want to be able to monitor my battery, hence why I’m using the mavlink to taranis converter when I’m flying at this field, the three outputs without disconnecting at the Pixhawk is ideal, while the 915MHz telem and Mavlink converter will not be used at the same time.

Easiest way is to put the Teensy in parallel with the minimOSD (cable splitting).

The current Teensy solutions are Read Only, so you only need the TX output from the PixHawk to the Teensy (plus GND)

perfect answer, thanks!