Pixhawk switching from Loiter to Stabilize randomly


I’m facing a problem with my Pixhawk, actually the flight modes are changed during flight from loiter to stabilize randomly (I’m not touching the flight modes switch).

In addition, the UAV have vibration on Y axis.

The UAV: D130 (X8)
motors: T-motors U10
Prop: 2880 carbon

I’m using the standard Pixhawk setup (Including PID’s values).
attached is the flight log file.

Please your advise.

Thank you very much
Rotem2017-05-26 10-28-40.zip (1.4 MB)

It’s being commanded to do so if you look at RCIN channel 5 (C5) in your log. So I would check your Tx/Rx system. Looks to me like the Z-axis vibe is the highest but it’s not that bad.

Hello Dave,

Yes, now I see CH5… very strange, I will check it…

can you please advise if changing the PID’s values can reduce the vibration?

Thank you very much for your help.