Pixhawk startup fail (video attached)

Hi guys,

Not first time I work with the Pixhaw, and so far I got them working.
But with this one, no joy. It starts boot up, but ends in a sad beep and red status LED.
APM Plane 3.2 loaded successfully from MP, current release.

So I wonder, anybody know how to make this OK?
Or is this more likely a hardware problem (then I will contact 3DR about RMA).

Start up attempt:

Coprocessor firmware update successful (or not?)
SD card deep formatted before fw update (not just quick format)

The simple videos are just to demonstrate clearly the Pixhaw behaviour during start up attempt and coprocessor fw update.

/ Tom

3DR support deemed this to be a RMA case since I tried using the forced bootloader and changing between different firmware classes (plane/multirotor and back) and the problem persisted.
And of course, since the problem was reporded within warranty time.