Pixhawk Start up Failed


I have a quad with pixhawk and the external GPS 3dr.
Everything work fine until now :neutral_face: with the last firmware and missionplanner, this software are working with W7 64 bits.

when i try to boot the system, start the melody and then stop , with 2 tones , checking webpage for that it’s a Start up Failed.
I enter on CLI, and run tests all give me this output.
tests: reading data unaligned…
tests: directory listing ok (FS mounted and readable)
[file] PASS
tests: file /fs/mtd_params not found, aborting MTD test

i check the directory /bin and all files have 2 bytes size.
I change the SD card 1rst was a 4Gb and now 8 Gb formated with FAt32

I already try different version of firmware, and all give me the same error.

Thanks very much for your help, and all effort for this project work.


I have the same problem as you
I have a 3dr’m writing, but it does want to know anything, and tell me that my guaranteed passed.
j still waiting

After same tests i use the firmware release by PIXHAWK

for my surprise the pixhawk work with that, what can cause this fault with the missionplanner firmware ?