Pixhawk SD Card Logging

I’m doing some analysis of flight performance on the Pixhawk running the stock Y6 code and am having trouble viewing certain .bin files on the SD card in ~/APM/LOGS. Using the .bin to .log tool in MP works fine for some, but not others. With these same files, I cannot transfer them off the SD card as Windows sees a fatal error. Is there a known issue with Pixhawk saving logs to the SD card?

On a related note, I am having trouble connecting via the MP terminal to the Pixhawk. I can do this with the APM just fine. Should I be using the APM option or PX4/Pixhawk to connect?

I think the reply to your second question is- connect using the PX4/pixhawk option.

Thanks for the response. I tried that at 57600 and 115200 baud, but got some junk data in the terminal afterwards.

So does anyone know about .bin logs on the SD card being corrupt?

Are you using the latest firmware? If you re-format and take the logs again, do you still have problems?

I’m assuming your terminal connection is by USB, not telemetry.

Thanks Rogelio. I believe I flashed the latest firmware (3.1.2) just a few days ago.

Indeed I am connecting to the terminal over USB. I’ll give both of these suggestions a try and will report back.