Pixhawk RGB Led Green color doesn't work


I have rgb on-board led green color doesn’t work… So i want to replace it… i have measured voltage on each of leds:

Red: 2,63V

Green: 5,033V (this led is doesn’t work)

Blue: 3,393V

I checked it through shell in terminal mode:



rgbled rgb 255 0 0 //for red color

rgbled rgb 0 255 0 //for green color

rgbled rgb 0 0 255 //for blue color

Is it ok? i mean 5,033V at green color. Maybe one channel of led driver is dead?

Can someone give me link to led that i need to buy???

Why nobody answers?

Because you have to contact the provider of your board.
What people can do for you here if it’s a hardware problem?
Have a nice week