Pixhawk, retracts, Taranis

hello guys,
ive tried to do a search on this but i can’t seem to get my gear to work. i am working with a Freefly x4, pixhawk, taranis x9d x6r rx. ive had some bumps getting this thing setup. i can’t seem to get mission planner to assign retracts. how are you guys working around this.

one odd thing that i have no idea how this happened. im using opentx on my radio. my imputs are Ail, Rud, Thr, Ele. does that seem backwards to you???i set it up exactly as in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agjHu-WhCJw&index=3&list=PLYsWjANuAm4r4idFZY24pP6s1K6ABMU0p but it didn’t want to move correctly. had to switch my Rud and Elv. now i have put it on the floor, held it down a bit and checked to make sure it’s moving in the correct direction. it was.

i have an octo but it was set up for me. this is my first attempt at doing this.