Pixhawk realease date & questions

We’re getting close to late October, is the Pixhawk shipping early this week?

Since the Pixhawk is more powerful than the Arduino based APM and it runs a real time version of Unix, can it run other applications while in flight? I am thinking about adding logging, controlling cameras, reading additional sensors, etc?

Short answer to sensors, yes

Timing question, don’t know!

We’re targeting first or second week of November. The hardware is done but we want to be finished with the Iris beta testing to ensure that the software support (including ground stations and mobile) is rock solid across all platforms (copter, plane, rover) at launch.

Thanks for chipping in Chris and welcome to the new forums :wink:

So if one wanted to add code to do additional stuff, would it be added to the core application or would the pixhawk run this code as a separate application, multitasking?

Are you guys still on time to ship this week?

Once Pixhawk shipping commences I am sure many of us would appreciate 3DR statements here and/or at the 3DR store sitte about order numbers shipped and progress estimates.

And I do assume all individual shipments are followed by confirmations with tracking number info.


ps. Really looking forward to put my hands on it :mrgreen:

Pixhawk is released diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/pix … or-takeoff

No it’s not. They halted production while they solve an sd card issue. I am assuming there will be a recall

No recall. We’re having a driver issue with detecting the SD card on startup but it is a software issue, not a hardware issue.

Couldn’t we fix that with a firmware update via USB? I placed an order in early September and due to a clerical error it wasn’t shipped before the November batch. I would love my Pixhawk even if I have to update it to fix a bug.