Pixhawk + Raspberry Pi via Telemetry2


I’m having a problem when connecting the rpi with the pixhawk…

I’m following this guide: dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/companion … a-mavlink/

But, when I use the ttyAMA0, I don’t have a response from the pixhawk… If I plug them together using a usb cable and then try mavproxy.py using ttyACM0 everything works, I can arm/disarm and everything else… but I don’t want to use a usb cable… Does someone know something about this?

Of course, I have disabled the serial kernel messages and triple check rx/tx and tx/rx gnd…


Make sure the baud rate matches at both ends, and try it in telem1 and serial4 ports to see if it works in either of those ports, first.

Thanks for the reply!

yes, my baudrates are the same… 57600.

I finally made it work, but there is some restrictions…

I have a 3dr modem connected to the telemetry port 1, if that one is connected to a ground station then mavproxy will not connect on the raspberry pi on telemetry port2. is this an error??

If I change SERIAL2_BAUD to something like 500… write parameters, and a power cycle, and then try again on mavproxy… it does not work. For some strange reason, I can only make it work on 57…

I can only make telemetry 2 + mavproxy + raspberry pi work on 57600 and without using another telemetry port. does this make sense? what I’m wrong?



I find out whats going on.

You can have both at the same time, but mavproxy must be the first one… and then you can use the other telemetry, and then, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

rates… I change it to 115200 and that one works, everything above that does not work… maybe an issue with the raspberry pi??

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The raspberry pi is limited to 115200.

codeandlife.com/2012/07/03/bench … pio-speed/

If anyone wants to go above that speed it needs to recompile the kernel.

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