Pixhawk pwm output error

I use pixhawk 2.4.8, and i have a all setting and it can arming,
but mainout pwm is not respond, and motor test is not working too,
When I press the motor test, it flashes the RGB fast with an arming sound (a thick long beep).
(log is nomal)
I have finished ESC calibration. The esc and the motor have no problem as a result of the test with reciever.
there is no error code to arming even servo output page is normal value comes out
all is nomal but pwmooutput is not respone, what should i do?

Is the PWM output bus powered?

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ah, no it’s not powered

Are you sure your 4 signal wire putting on pixhawk main output 1 to 8 ? Not in servo output

yes i put the pin to main out, not auxout.

Maybe signal wire on ground pin try reverse your pin

One more thing ESC beeping full tune ?