Pixhawk power brick battery max voltage

I see in the common-Pixhawk Overview that it comes with a “External power supply similar to existing 3DR power brick”. Anyone know if the power brick supports higher voltages than the standard 3DR power brick which only supports up to a 4s LiPo (18v max) battery? I would like to use the Pixhawk on a multicopter with a 6s battery and was wondering if I could avoid a separate battery or ubec to power the Pixhawk.

I’m using this, works great so far

infinity-hobby.com/main/prod … s_id=10303


The Pixhawk uses the same power brick as APM which only supports up to 18V, also you can take a look to AttoPilot:

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … to_Pixhawk