Pixhawk (pix4) UBEC wiring diagram

Confused with how to add ubec for ESC that doesn’t have built in bec.
Please help, any comment would be great


ESC without BEC are the best. Why? Short answer: Separating high noisy power from sensitive electronics such as receiver, GPS, compass ect… This is like real full size aviation of any kind.

A BEC or in real term voltage regulator is regulating the voltage say from a 2S Lipo battery (2 x 4.2V or 8.4V) to 5V which can power your PixXX your GPS/Compass and your telemetry transceiver.

Of course best regulators are linear regulator NOT switching ones. Why?: Short answer: Switching voltage regulators are noisy and defeat the insulation advantages gain using opto insulated ESC.

As for example here is a good one: 8 amps 5 V Linear voltage regulator

A small 1.3 or 1.5A 2S little lipo is not expensive or heavy.

Hope this help.