Pixhawk parameter table

I have a Hobby King Aperture hexacopter , I crashed and broke one leg. In doing so, something inside the pixhawk 4 is now damaged. Does anyone have access to a full parameter list inside of pixhawk?

Also it is the same as the IDEAFLY Storm 800 With Pixhawk PX4


How do you tell that something is damaged? Please described thy symptom.

What do you mean with parameter table? There is a full list of parameters in the documentation, but I suspect you are looking for something else…


I have a IDEAFLY Storm 800 With Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller
crashed it and broke the number 5 arm. Repaired it, but does not function
as before. Went through many u tube videos to tune pixhawk as it was. In
doing so i mistakenly hit the reset factory parameters. BIG MISTAKE. So
if you have some suggestions, I would appreciate it very much. There are
some hardware parts that I do not recognize from other Pixhawk
installations. I hope that you might be able to give me some ideas.


I think it depends if you see yourself capable and willing to dive into the details of Ardupilot configuration or not.

The easiest way would be to ask manufacturer to repair for you likely.

A more involved way might be to contact IDEAFLY and ask them to send you a copy of the factory parameter file. That should probably get you 80% back to where you need to be. Their file likely will miss the specific calibration for your hardware like Accell, RC und Compass, but these are standard calibration tasks that dou can do yourself following the documentation in the Wiki.

The most involved approach is to really learn Ardupilot setup and config/parametrize/tune yourself - something that many of us here do regularly, but it requires either experience or time to gain that experience.

Or finally - maybe - if you are willing to pay for it somebody on this forum might be willing to try and repair / tune etc. for you…

As to unknown hardware parts - what are they? Can you post a pic?