Pixhawk not booting, LED off

Hi there,

I’ve been working on the 3DR aero plane with a pixhawk. It was working just fine (I could get the sensor information through mavlink) until I attempted to change the firmware with APM.
I don’t really know if the firmware update went through to the end, but since then it doesn’t boot. The big LED that used to blink green or yellow is now off all the time and there is not a single tone at boot time.
I can’t communicate with it through mavlink anymore, nor can I connect with APM or QGC.
I usually power it with USB only.

Is there a switch to do a factory reset or something? Or do you know a fix?


I think I have found a fix. If you have the same problem as me, here is how to solve it:
Follow the instructions here: https://pixhawk.org/dev/nuttx/building_and_flashing_console. I will allow you to flash the default firmware on your pixhawk board.
Once done, after a few beeps, you should have the Pixhawk LED flashing red.
You will now be able to flash the right firmware through qGroundControl.

I hope it helps you!