Pixhawk - Motors don't run!

Hy there

I just install my Pixhawk and i can not make a test of the Motors .

My config is Tarot 680Pro , on 6S battery (attopilot 90A) , ESC Turnigy Multistar 45 Amp.
I Calibrate radio, Calibrate Compass , I can ARM the hexa from radio and from MissionPlanner , but when i push the throttle Nothing.

On Pixhawk are connected only signal wire , and radio receiver with SBUS
I am out of ideeas .

What i forgot to check , or do .

I test same motors and esc with a naza and works ,

You did not say if you had calibrated the ESCs with the Pixhawk.
Also, do you have a ground wire going from the Pixhawk servo output bus to each ESC as well as the PWM servo signal?

Hy there , and thanks for fast answer

No i did not make esc calibration , i planned to do that after i see a motor spin ( or first is esc calibration ?)

Each esc is also with BEC , so i removed the Pozitive and Ground …and to pixhawk from each esc is only signal wire .

I have also the 3DR PPM Encoder, but i did not try with that. ( is new and sitting in box) .

You must do the calibration first.
Also, you need to connect the ground wire from each ESC to the ground (-) pin on the Pixhawk servo output connectors or the ESCs will not function.

Hy there .

I tested ESC running directly the esc Black and Signal to the receiver (it works)
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/632 … %20X8R.mp4

SO i tried the calibration safety switch not working (more details in video)
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/632 … orking.mp4

Mission Planner controller status and Radio calibrated

Low battery error even if i have enough power , Pixhawk is doing alarm signal for low battery.

ESC Calibration
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/632 … ration.mp4

I also try wizard setup from beginning …

I make all calibration of compass and giro ( as per wizard instructions) successfully all

Now i am realy out if ideeas.

If i plug NAZA V2 in 2 minutes i am in air, with Pixhawk it passed 3 weeks from the day i received form 3DR Robotics and still not able to work.

As i can see i think is a controller hardware issue or … there are some settings hidden that i can not find because i read all manuals from 3DR and search also on all forums this issue and nobody has it.

One more strange thing is that in Mission Planner takes 4-5 minutes to connect to PC , if i use APM Planner is fast(2-3 Seconds)

Please help
It will be more simple if i can contact you by mail or Skype so we make a try with video.
My email is andrei206m@gmail.com
I have upload to dropbox some video because i did not want to put them on youtube.


PS. If you think that i should contact 3DR for support or return back the product tell me.

safety switch looks to not be working properly, please contact us at help@3drobotics.com for further assistance