Pixhawk motor redundancy?

On a hexacopter with pixhawk, does pixhawk have redundancy for losing one engine, as other FC does ??

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I have yet to see any FC that actually does it.
Yes, most will handle that better or worse, but it all, always, depends on how much power you have to spare.
remember that to avoid rotation, other motors need to drop thrust as weel.
basically - if you have a 6 motors and one stops, you may say you need to reduce thrust to the opposite rotating motors just to avoid spinning.

Provided a good pilot, you can absolutely fly a 5motor hexa, but the rotation and other effects are often too severe for a FC to properly be able to fly in one direction.
A pure electrical malfunction is rare, and if a propeller partially desintegrates (causing crazy vibrations)), or motor gets loose(changing angle of thrust or striking other propellers) - you are most likely to crash anyway.