Pixhawk - Mission Planner - Throttle Controller - Paramotor

Hey Guys,

I’m building a 4 motor E- paramotor prototype that currently only has a direct throttle control, not dissimilar to what you’d find on an E-bike. (Potentiometer - PWM Board - ESC). Initially, I’m using 4 T-motor flame 100A ESC’s which have ZERO firmware editing (BOO T-motor).

I’d like to know if it’s possible to use one of my Pixhawk 4’s as simple throttle controller. The only functionality I’d like initially is the ability adjust throttle response (expo) for all for 4 motors simultaneously within the flight controller firmware.

If there is a straight forward way to accomplish this, starting with which firmware to load to the Pixhawk, I’d be supper appreciative of any direction.