Pixhawk MinimOSD telemetry

I’m still having trouble with my MinimOSD’s intermittency when in flight. Steady and visible untill takeoff throttle level, thereafter on and off at irritating freqency, but the video image is always steady.
Has anybody else experienced this?
I’ve tried powering the thing using a 5V ubec, but there was no change.
Could it be caused by vibration?
I had the same problem with the APM 2.6, and its not the Minim board as I have two different versions and they both do it. Exasperating!

So if the physical connection is ok try to check the software parameter on mission planner. These days i’ve learn about parameters SRx (SR0 - SR1 - SR2) that control how ofter information are sent on the telemetry ports. Try here code.google.com/p/minimosd-extra/wiki/APM and check that your parameters are the same.

(on the apm firmware 3.2.1 SR0 is the serial line of the usb connection so dont change it. The SR1 is the telem1 port and SR is telem2 port)

My idea is that there is some parameter that refresh too fast or too slow

do you have grounds connected on the vid side of the minim? that’s usually the problem. At least make sure there’s a ground connection from the minim to your vtx

Thanks for that…
Yes I do have the ground attached to the VTx, but I haven’t flown it with current config as it’s been quite windy and I need to do an Auto Tune.
We shall see in due course…