Pixhawk mini roll spinning after raising throttle

As seen with the video above, the lower end of the throttle curve seems normal but as soon as it reaches this ~10% curve range the drone starts to jump and do this spin.
  • I thought it was getting caught on an edge so I changed the surface of launch
  • I calibrated the ESCs through the transmitter procedure.
  • I made sure the motors are spinning the correct direction: top left is CW, top right CCW, bottom left CCW, bottom right CW. I also made sure that the props are the correct ones.

I also had to switch two wires on 2 motors to get the direction correct.
When I was trying to calibrate the ESCs I was changing the RC values a little bit (I thought that was the min and max range of throttle) I’m not sure if that might have resulted in the problem?


It almost looks like you have the flight controller pointing backwards or in the wrong direction.
Have you tried the motor test?
You will need to post a .bin log from the flight controller for any type of analysis.

turns out I have the motor mapping wrong so the FC is constantly trying to correct itself with the wrong motor. I got it now! :+1: