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Pixhawk Mini as Antenna Tracker - Solid red light when booting

(Laszlo Almazy) #1

I’m trying to use a Pixhawk Mini as an antenna tracker. I followed the procedure carefully to load the firmware from Mission Planner v1.3.52 in Windows 7. MP recognizes the board and loads the firmware without problems. The board plays all the updating IO firmware tone, but immediately, the LED turns into solid red and I can’t connect the Pixhawk Mini with Mission Planner to continue with the configuration.

I have searched a lot and I can assure you that it is not a problem with the micro SD card. How? Loading the corresponding firmware and saved parameters from a converted T-Rex 500 that flew with the same Pixhawk Mini and micro SD without any issues.

I think it’s a compatibility problem between the Antenna Tracker firmware code and the Pixhawk Mini hard. But I do not know how to fix it… I know that the firmware for other boards cannot be loaded directly from Mission Planner, but must be compiled and loaded onto the board more manually. I would like to do it, but I don’t know where to start with this…

I would appreciate any guidance.

Pixhawk2 antenna tracker?
(Tim D) #2

Im having the same problem but with a pixhawk lite. To bad nobody has advice on this issue…

Odd that the ode is so old… its still using Nutt…

(Rolf) #3

Since a couple of weeks and thanks to Peter Hall, the code (main) is now built daily for all available hardeware including ChiBios:

(Tim D) #4

I have now installed and it seems to work.

I suspect this issue is a bootloader issue. Mission planner need to be updated…