Pixhawk Mavlink Commands autorotate to home position

Is there a MAVLink command for ardupilot to switch a copter to automatic rotate/point at homeposition. Another words speaking, i want switch on/off the function/flight mode witch will point the copter with camera to me, when i go sideway it should auto-turn the vehicle to home position in flight. I found MAV_MOUNT_MODE_GPS_POINT
but it’s not anough, gimball do not have so much flexibility tu look so much sideway or back.
I have lua script on my X-lite FRSky, iwtch auto-turn the copter and controls the Roll (depends of Alt and GPS coordinates of Home and actual copter position), but becouse of low transmission rate of telemetry it’s not satisfacting me.
Now i’ve almost finish the program and test for control my gopro8 with arduino ESP8266 connected to pixhawk with MAVLink, and with this hardware, switching some functions inv MAVlink, from my X-lite FRSky is children play, but is there some copter MAVLink function to use, besides my lua script?