Pixhawk loiter mode behaviour


I’m flying a Pixhawk controlled Quad with the telemetry radio temporary removed.
I have 2 flight modes set on my Spektrum radio - Alt Hold and Loiter.
While in Alt Hold - everything works fine.

However, when I change the flight mode to Loiter, my quad immediately starts to rise as if it enters a RTL (Return To Launch) state.

Invisible gremlins are jumping up and pushing it skyward.

Unless your logs say otherwise :wink:

Thanks Mark,

Strangely enough, your post helped me solve the problem.
I had flight mode #1 set to AltHold and flight mode #2 set to Loiter - All other (3-6) flight modes were set to Stabilize.

Flipping the mode switch on my DX6 changes from flight mode 1 to 6 - not from 1 to 2 !
After a long vacation - I forgot this fact.
The logs showed that but.

The Quad didn’t enter RTL mode - it just started climbing because of the corresponding stick position of the mode it was in.

But I have another question, why is the flight mode presented twice (one on top of the other)?